Wedding Toasts: From the Couple to the Guests

Many months of planning, spending, arguing and laughing have all gone into creating this final culmination of the love between you and your new spouse- your wedding. And although there may have been bouts of frustration and annoyance, your friends and family were there to help salvage your sanity and keep you from pulling your hair out. After all of that, a special wedding toast from you (the couple) to the guests will be a special reward for your friends and family and the perfect way for you to express your sincerest gratitude.

When it’s time to give your toast to the guests, it’s common for emotions to be heightened. After all, everyone you love is sitting before you, showing their undying support for you and your new spouse. If you are worried about what to say- don’t be! Your guests adore you and will be delighted with whatever you have to say, even if it’s just a quick “Thank you- let’s eat!”

How to break the ice
A wedding toast is not your audition for a comedy gig; however it is the perfect time to engage your guests with something light and amusing. If you are not a joke-teller, personal stories are always crowd pleasing endeavors, but try to keep the stories simple and quick. Inside jokes may seem appropriate to you and those involved, but remember to be inclusive of the whole group to avoid creating an uncomfortable setting.

When to toast?
It’s ultimately up to you when or if you want to take the stage, but making your toast right before the cake cutting is an ideal moment for you and your spouse to say a few words. It separates you from the other toasts done by the wedding party or family members, but is before your guests are ready to leave or preoccupied with dancing the night away.

Stage fright? Skip the toast!
Stage fright is a common occurrence when giving wedding toasts, especially if you are not used to talking in front of large group of people. One of the benefits to your wedding day being all about you is that if you are uncomfortable with making a toast, then you don’t have to! You can have your newly inducted spouse say a quick “thank you” to the guests or simply ask another member of the wedding party to say some words on your behalf.

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