Barbecue for Picky Eaters (aka kids)

It’s common knowledge that kids are typically picker eaters, especially if the parents are too. Typically, if kids are picky eaters when they are younger, they will likely be picky eaters when their older. In order to counteract this issue, it’s important to present a variety of different dishes and flavors to young palettes. Barbecue is the perfect food to introduce to picky kids for many reasons.

BBQ is Messy
Kids are notorious for being messy eaters and they love every minute of it. That’s one reason why barbecue is the perfect food to introduce to your kids. They will love to dive into a heaping plate of barbecue, not only because it is delicious, but because they can get extremely messy in the process. The major challenge is letting the messiness happen despite your better judgment to keep your kids clean. Keep a lot of napkins around and encourage your kids to lick up every last drop. After the child is exhaustively conquered by the sticky mess, let him or her get cleaned up. This laid back technique will inspire your kids to have an enjoyable experience while trying new things.

Kid-friendly Sauce
Kid’s taste buds are much more sensitive and less mature than adult’s taste buds, so it’s important to tone down intense flavors when introducing new foods. Barbecue sauces, in particular, can be too intense for the young palette, so you may want to reduce some of the flavor by cutting it with something sweet or mild. This is easy to do and the kids will love the toned down, sweet taste. Cutting back on the heat and spiciness should also be considered since most kids don’t fare well against hot, spicy foods. Over time, you can gradually increase the strength and flavor in order to give your kids even more exposure to new tastes.

If you child already likes barbecue sauce, then introducing new meats should be fairly easy. Simply serve the new meat with his or her favorite barbecue sauce and the transition should be flawless, especially if barbecue is already a favorite in your household.

Complex yet “normal”
Barbecue has a complexity of flavors that enlivens the taste buds and encourages further food exploration. If you child loves to chow down on good old southern barbecue, he or she will be more likely to try other new flavors. The unique flavors will likely increase their interest in other flavorful foods. If not, you can always mask the flavor of new foods with the succulent taste of their favorite barbecue, win-win!

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